Solar Resource Assessment

Solar Resource Assessment
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Combined Services Corridor

Combined Services Corridor
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Elephant and Castle Development Framework

Elephant & Castle Sustainable
Infrastructure Plan

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Maximising Use of
On-Site Resources

Brian Dunlop Associates provide detailed and comprehensive advice on delivering sustainable community energy, water, data and waste management services using locally derived sources of renewable energy, low carbon sources of heat and power, integrated water management systems, and fibre to the home data networks.

Balancing Commercial Viability and Sustainability

We carry out detailed appraisals of the technology and infrastructure required to deliver an integrated set of sustainable infrastructure proposals which are marketable, fundable and implementable within the context of a complex regeneration or development process.

Planning And Procurement

We offer strategic advice on planning and procuring environmentally responsible and responsive infrastructure that delivers real and lasting environmental, social and economic benefits on an area-wide basis including

  • significantly reduced carbon emissions
  • reduced consumption of treated,
    potable water
  • open access information and
    communications connectivity
Elephant and Castle artists impression watercolour

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We work closely with planners, lawyers and economists to ensure that our proposals are commercially realistic, implementable through the planning and development process and can be deployed in such a way that the social and environmental benefits are realised from the outset of development.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with developers, architects, landscape architects and town planners to make sure that our proposals are conceived as part of a holistic approach to the wider development and can be integrated with transport proposals, buildings and townscape and the design of the public realm.

Warwick Bar aerial view drawing

Image courtesy of Azhar Architecture
Warwick Bar Development Appraisal
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Securing Investment

We engage with grant funding agencies, private sector funds, local authorities and others to secure forward investment for technology and infrastructure.

A Whole Systems Approach

We take a multi-dimensional, multi-utility approach to urban energy, water and data services planning:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Investment
  • Delivery


A Whole Systems Approach

Environmentally responsible and responsive design solutions

  • Creative water strategies
  • Low and zero carbon energy systems
  • Sustainable
    infrastructure networks
  • An holistic approach to urban planning
    • Energy
    • Microclimate
    • Water management
    • Movement
    • Infrastructure
    • Amenity